Greyhound playdate

What a fun day for Shelby!  She got to meet Cody, a recently adopted greyhound, and had the time of her life.  We’ve never really seen her want to interact with other dogs, but as soon as she saw this big guy she really came out of her shell.

They played together…

They drank together…

They made funny faces at us…

And Shelby even shared her bed…


A Very Shelby Christmas

We had a very relaxing Christmas and Shelby the greyhound got to spend the holidays lounging and visiting with family.  Christmas Eve was at Grandma Gurney’s house, while Christmas Day was with Pat’s side of the family.  Her Christmas sweater and jingle bell collar were worn most of the time!

Shelby goes to the vet

Besides not winning Mega Millions, Pat and I haven’t been up to too much.  I’ve been meaning to bring Shelbs to the vet for a while now, mostly just to get a relationship going with someone, but also to get her tested for heartworm.  When we got her, she had been tested and was negative, but the lady at Greyhound Friends told us she hadn’t been started on a preventative.  So, when I got a day off this week, we packed up and made our way to a vet that had been highly recommended by a friend of my aunt who used to have a greyhound.

Shelby was a little wigged out by the traffic (we had to street park and then walk on the sidewalk to the office), but it was her first time in the big city.  Since she was freaking out less than she does around basketballs, it couldn’t have been too traumatizing for her.  Once we got in the office, she was great!  I took out her medical records for the receptionist to copy and realized that she had gotten one dose of Heartgard (well, the generic) back in January and that we could have just kept her on it after that.  Doh!  Oh well, it may have saved the $45 test fee, but the same blood gave us the answer to her being Lyme negative, which meant that she could safely get the Lyme vaccine.  I was skeptical about the Lyme vaccine – it’s not supposed to be very effective in horses – but Dr. B told me it was about 80% effective in dogs and that was good enough for me.  She had to get the Lepto vaccine anyway (strangely, she didn’t have it?) and it was available as a combo with Lyme.  Sold!

So, now we go back in 4 weeks for her Lepto/Lyme booster, and also to get her Rabies 3 year.  My little dog is becoming a true pet!

Now she just needs a brother or sister I think 😉